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Game rules
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Game rules

ARKANOID 2000 game - is remake of an all-known popular classic game Arkanoid. You're to destroy all of the bricks on the gaming field to enter the next level. The game field is surrounded by upper, left and right walls; to avoid a ball lost use a racket that moves horizontally.

Game have different control types and options. More about menu and options see here - Menu, options

Not all of the bricks are breaked after the first damage; some of them should be beated 2,3 or even 4 times. There're also the undestroyable bricks types, which stay on the gaming field after entering the next level.
They're just flying in your way. Bringing them down with a ball will give you the additional score.
Saome bricks, when destroyed, gives a bonus - catch him with racket and get a special ability. More about bonuses types see here - Bonuses

Game contains 3 episodes - 20 rounds each. Choose one from 3 difficulty levels with different bricks, bonuses and enemies on round. In that case You get 180 different rounds!
You can start game from any episode, but in unregistered version only first episode available. In registered version You get ability to install own custom episode.
Game contains round editor - makes You possible to create Your own custom rounds and install additional episode. More info about round generations You can find here - Round Editor


Menu, options

After you started a game and saw a vignette, press any key to get to a main menu of the game. You can set up game options and start a new game here. Choose a needed option by the arrow pointer.

Pointer control keys:
  • "Up", "Down" - to move a pointer
  • "Enter", "Space" - to choose and adjust an option
  • "Esc" - quit to a previous menu (from the game - for the main menu)
Pointer is changed to a crossed arrow in some points - this means that current menu option is inaccessible, it's related to a shareware limitations or in case the additional episodes wasn't built in.
Mouse not affects in menu!

  • NEW GAME - start a new game
  • ENTER CODE - enter a password to move to a needed level
  • OPTIONS - setup of video and sound game options
  • READ THIS - useful info about the game and its authors
  • HIGH SCORES - the table of top results
  • QUIT - exit the game
After chosing NEW GAME option please choose one of three (or four) episodes - in a CHOOSE EPISODE menu and a difficulty level - in a CHOOSE SKILL LEVEL menu. There's only one episode in an unregistered version and no opportunity to add a custom level.

  • GAME OPTIONS - the game setup
  • CONTROLS - controls tune - keyboard/mouse
  • SOUND - music and sound effects volume adjust
  • BACK - back to OPTIONS menu
  • GAME RULES - brief game rules
  • DEMOS - about other TERMINAL Studio games
  • CREDITS - information about game developers
  • BACK - back to OPTIONS menu
By chosing HIGH SCORES menu you can look at the hi-scores table. It indicates 20 results, the best of them are at its top. There're 10 positions showing on a screen simultaneously, the rest of them can be reached by scrolling the screen with the "up" and "down" buttons.


There're the following bonuses in the game:

Bonus Ability
wall above a racket
fire ability - up to 3 bullets
widening a racket
narrowing a racket
the current balls'll double
+1 ball on the field
+20 points
warp to next level
extra life
"auto-pilot" - lay it all on a computer

We plan to increase bonus numbers in next version.


Round Editor

You can create your self-made levels in an editor that is located in an Arkanoid folder. Getting them created, run a game with this level right from the editor - a SPECIAL submenu in a TEST LEVEL option - only a current editor level shall then be running in a game, after accomplishing it you'll be returned to an editor.

You can create the game episode, containing several levels, with the editor; by putting it into a game you can play it - choosing a USER EPISODE option in a CHOOSE EPISODE menu - however, this feature is accessible only in a registered version. You can also add any episode, for instance, constructed by your friends or located on our site into a game.


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